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We Manifest a Better World, One Story at a Time

My name is Autumn Star Sullivan, and I am The Autumn Star.

It's true; my parents named me Autumn Star because they were young hippies grooving on new baby energy and thankfully nobody was around to recommend a more practical name. I grew up wild, strange, and completely obsessed with stories. Now, I channel that obsession to help business executives, community leaders, and anyone inspired to do good through storytelling transform their big idea into something magical — a book. 


I have edited hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books, ghostwritten Amazon best-sellers, and published several poems, essays, and short stories of my own. 


My digital marketing strategies have won American Marketing Awards and Webby Awards, and, more important, have helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes find and connect with their customers. 

When I'm not working, I spend my free-time baking, crocheting, gardening, and loving life with my husband and daughter.



Stephen Oliver

Autumn’s ability to work through and decipher my complicated writing style was incredible. She brought clarity when I was overthinking simple topics. She is truly the Greatest of All Time!

Maria Mora
Creative Executive

When I consider working with someone, I always ask myself, "Can they do what Autumn Sullivan does?" She's fun to talk to, insatiably curious, kind-hearted, and scary-smart.

Gregg Cusick

Autumn provided incisive and invaluable editorial comment on my manuscript. Our correspondence has been a pleasure, and her suggested changes made for a stronger, more engaging story.

My Company's Purpose

I live to be an outspoken advocate for the silenced or voiceless, a defender of the bullied. 


But not everybody needs a warrior in their corner. Sometimes they just need a friend willing to listen.


My purpose, in life AND in business, is to be that person. Gentle so that I can hear the story within you, strong enough to defend your right to tell it. 

Science is real ... and so is magic.
Identities are not opinions.
Black lives matter. 
Love is love. 
Feminism is for everyone. 
No human is illegal. 
Kindness is everything.
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Meet the Coven

Self-awareness is the key to happiness. I know what I can deliver for my clients, and what I cannot. When I am not the answer, I turn to my coven of miraculous writers, editors, designers, developers, videographers, and more.

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Ready to manifest your better world?

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